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1872 Clipper Tea Snowskin Mooncakes with tea- infused Lotus / Apricots

Earl grey infused snowkin with Earl grey/ apricot lotus Mooncakes
credit: madamechewy
credit: tiffanyyong
credit: therantingpanda
credit: Vickiima
A brillliant bunch of participants @ 1872 Clipper Tea launch of their new blend: Timeless Earl Grey, youngest being 9 years old Dana of Lifetinymiracles. After a 13 mins of watching my demonstration from mixing the ingredients to final moulding of the snowskin mooncake, hands and fingers were all geared up and soon they were in the big mixing bowls kneading the dough away with gleaming faces and in deep concentration. Within an hour and half, they were showcasing their pretty mooncakes and today, you'll find them flashed across Instagram, Facebook , Twitter or their personal blogs. More good reads of the workshop are @ Lifetinymiracles ,Tiffanyyong, Madamechewy, Vickiima, Therantingpanda and Frannywanny blogs. More interestingly on this very afternoon, I was thrusted into the Singapore food reviews blogsphere- unawarely. Us usual, I crafted the class atmosphere to be fun , playful and interactive . May the Lord leads me always.
Workshop in session -  26th September 2015


Two weeks before the event , preparation works started rolling in my kitchen, first with the arrival of a big DHL bag of five tea blends for the experimental stage.

From the store, I grabbed a packet of Hongkong white lotus paste grade A and several packs of dried tropical fruits. The one kg lotus paste was broken up into 100g balls and each ball was mixed with each softened tea blend. Popped into my mouth a generous pinch of the lotus together with a piece of soaked dried fruit, swirled for a minute or two to determine the best pairing for all. The final selected pairings were all meticuluously thought through, (well these are very fine teas, what's more to it?)

tea blend with lotus

On personal level, my gastronomic pleasure inclines towards the Anti-stress lotus mixed with candied ginger and kiwi , encased with a strawberry flavour snowskin, and the other favourite: Imperial Goji infused snowskin with tropical fruits mix lotus....truly for world-trodden sophisticated palate.

strawberry snowskin with Anti-stress infused lotus/ candied ginger

Imperial Goji infused snowskin mooncakes with tropical fruits mix lotus

food quote:  There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw

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